Opportunity to privately study yoga, meditation, and natural wellness in New Zealand

Hṛdaya Yoga is an authentic experience of yoga.

In reality, Yoga is not learnt, and can’t really be taught. Yoga is a state of being, as natural as breathing, waiting in each of us to be discovered. What we’re referring to is not yoga as a form of exercise, but yoga as an effective and holistic approach to your spiritually integrated and liberated state of Being.

Yoga can be transmitted, when the conditions are right. Usually, however, yoga is best shared in the silent space of self-discovery. Yoga is not a form of exercise, it is a means of release from that which encumbers us. It generally takes deep emersion into the field of Yoga to experience that release.

As you have no doubt realised, that was the original intention behind the art and science of yoga. Yoga asana is intended to strengthen and purify the body; open and activate the channels in the subtle anatomy; move, balance, and restore the correct flow of prana; to purify the emotions; and ultimately to still the mind. All this is in preparation for meditation. Meditation is intended to allow the practitioner to dissolve beyond and through the rigidity of the persona, leading to dissolution and/or transmutation of mental and emotional limitations and imprints, which in turn opens us up to the direct experience of our essential nature.

As a life-long practitioner of yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices, Jonathan provides an holistic and deep transmission of essential yoga, mediation, and spiritual principles. Your path is unique to you, and resides within your own being. A set class or yoga teacher training would be hard pressed to meet you exactly and precisely where you are at. Ultimately your Path can not be dictated from the outside. Rather, the conveyer of Hṛdaya Yoga must gently guide a person back to direct realisation of their essence. The depth of your self-enquiry, your dedication to recapitulation (self-investigation), and the quality of your questions will play the most significant part in your experience within the field of Hṛdaya Yoga. The teacher is there as an experienced companion along the way, and will respond directly and precisely to what you bring to the table (knowingly and unknowingly).

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga. Oftentimes Ayurveda is overly complicated, due to its comprehensive roots and applications. It is, however, primarily based on principles the Heart of Man recognises and understands naturally and intuitively. During your time discovering Yoga of the Heart, you are bound to discover Ayurveda too… in the way that works best for you.

Hṛdaya Yoga International is based in New Zealand, and on a limited basis we offer private yoga retreats in the forest mountains of Coromandel.

Are you looking for a location to retreat from the busy-ness of daily survival, to immerse yourself in nature, fresh mountain rivers, sunny beaches, and to deeply explore yoga and spiritual practice as experienced within the Heart?

We are currently accepting students who are dedicated to self-realisation for the benefit of themselves and ultimately for the world at large. The Hṛdaya Yogi ultimately dedicates their spiritual evolution to the benefit of Life, recognising their inseparability from the I AM THAT I AM in all beings. If this resonates in your Heart, you are quite likely a suitable applicant to study with us in New Zealand.

Feel free to contact Jonathan with your enquiry or questions.