Commentary on his Bio

A biography is an interesting concept. What does it really mean? What value does it have? What purpose does it serve?

For many years I have avoided composing, or allowing others to compose on my behalf, much in the way of a biography for me. Yet the more I am involved in the world of workshops, seminars, radio interviews, book writing, et cetera, the more I am requested to provide a biography for these purposes. People want to know. Understandably, they want something to connect with and relate to, or even to feel at odds with in order to oppose. The complete lack of photos of me on the internet and on my books, up until very recently, also stirred up questions from people. There are those of us who like to see a photo of someone in order to relate to them. I have, however, firmly maintained that it is not about me, or some person external to you, and therefore information about me is irrelevant. I realise, however, what people are looking for in me is a reflection of themselves. THAT is what they wish to resonate with and feel connection with. So I have changed tact.

At first the biographies I produced were slim on details, saying barely more than a few sentences. I have, however, been encouraged on many occasions, by those who know me and are close to me, to write a fuller biography—one that includes some of the more meaningful experiences that have played a formative role in my current state of Being, humanly and spiritually. I didn’t innately place much importance on my experiences in life; I didn’t see them as significant. Yet people who get to know me in person invariably find my experiences reflect something to them which they find helpful.

What does it really mean?
Ultimately, nothing at all. It will, of course, carry whatever meaning you bring to it as you read what I have shared. For this reason I have been careful to select information that is not likely to result in confusion or misunderstanding. It is my wish that it brings greater meaning to your interaction with me, with yourself, and with what I share through teaching.

What value does it have?
Ultimately, it has no value at all. Yet, in this relative world of multiplicity, in which appearances, impressions, concepts, and experiences have “value,” then this biography also has value. Again, the exact value it has will be determined mostly by what you make of it as you read and digest the words I have shared. The value I see in such a biography is that it may, with some luck (the Grace of Lakshmi), help you gain an accurate (although by no means complete) impression of who I am and why I actively teach Yoga and other spiritual disciplines. It may also prove to be a valuable aid for you in determining if you’d like pay attention to the Wisdom and teachings I share. If it does that, one way or the other, then it was worth writing.

What purpose does it serve?
Ultimately, it has no purpose. Yet, as you have no doubt guessed, in this relative world it does serve a purpose. It serves the purposes already mentioned above. That of helping you determine the potential value, for yourself, in what I share; in helping you have greater clarity about my so-called “history” in order to appreciate the greater context behind what I share.

Obviously I would like to help you discover within your Mind and Heart whether or not what I share has direct and beneficial meaning, value, and purpose for you.

May you be the only judge of that.

If you are moved by what I’ve shared in this website, feel free to reach out and introduce yourSelf.