I am inspired now to love my body more, not just my mind and spirit.

Anne M.
I've learned that I have the power I need to positively benefit my life, and how to tap into it.

D.D. - Toronto, Canada
The single most important discovery I made during this workshop was the use of breathing, greater clarity, and that I can be present.

Adela - Toronto, Canada
[since attending Hrdaya Yoga Unit 1] I have a new awareness of my power. I have a new respect for good wholesome food. I have a great focal point for my meditation.

Ruth F. - Toronto, Canada
This retreat was an enlightening experience. It has changed my view of yoga and the human form. Jonathan's kind hearted approach and his intelligent examples of his view of yoga were inspiring! This workshop delicately honoured my experience while offering life-changing ways of altering my world. I learned a lot from Jonathan's approach to yoga and conscious participation with life.

Ashley Litecky - Maryland, USA (Certified Yoga Teacher)
Deep Green Wellness
Your immense volume of knowledge, all your visual examples,  your ease with presenting the material, and your ability to be centred in your Truth, was all greatly appreciated. It was excellent how the variety of information and practices offered all came back to the same basic concept and solution to life's challenges.

Laura B. - Ontario, Canada
The healing sounds were an incredible experience. I found new dimensions in my voice and body, which was very liberating. I found the balance between my breathing and physical movement - finally I experienced the free flow of the body parts being whole. Your presence and inner power is very supportive, it makes me trust life!! Thank you Jonathan, may your work always be blessed.

Harriet Fagerholm - Helsinki, Finland
Jonathan's classes act as a portal, dissolving the thinking mind, escorting students to a most luminous space were "I am that I am"

Lauran Janes, yoga teacher
Yoga Life