Welcome to an exploration of yoga… Hṛdaya Yoga. This is yoga as known and experienced through the True Heart of Man—the Hṛdaya or Hridaya (phonetically spelt) .

One aspect of yoga is yoga asana. These are the postures and physical exercises which over the past few decades an increasing number of people have become familiar with in one form or another. Stretches, movements, postures, synchronised with conscious breath. These practices are just that. Ways in which to practice yoga, in the same way one might practice the piano in order to prepare for a concert or performance.

In the case of yoga the concert or performance is Life itself. It is our moment-to-moment Presence of Awareness, dancing through the many ways in which Life manifests around and through us each and every day. We practice yoga so that we may participate in life from a place or state of unity consciousness (yogic awareness). We are born in order to participate in the form-side of Life. The practice of yoga and living in a yogic way is an means of even fuller participation in Life.

Fuller participation in your relationships. Greater participation in how you feed and nourish your body, how you engage with the world around you, how you perform your daily tasks, and how you create.

When you would like to discover the deeper mysteries of Yoga, Tantra, and what it means to be Man, please take some time to explore what is shared on this site, and feel free to attend (or even organise!) an event with Jonathan.