To live with Heart is to live in ease.

Ease with the Unknown. Ease with the Unknowable.

To live with Heart is a life lived in Love.

Love without object, nor objective.

The quality of Love spontaneously arising from the ease of the Heart.

To live with Heart is to be at peace, and not at war. To live without violence.

To live without violence is to simply not violate Life. Life as “me” and Life as “you”.

To commune with Life rather than fight with it.

To violate another is to violate Life with the other.

This can only arise from violation of oneself.

Yoga with Heart, is yoga free of struggle, stain, and striving.

I can not strive to be that which I already am.

And yet, just as the seed must push to burst through its shell,

And must persevere to push up through the oil and into the light of day,

So to the spiritual aspirant must push a little, must show she has what it takes.

Life is always on the lookout for the expressions of Life that have what it takes to extend Life.

In the extension of Life we experience creation.

All creative acts are an extension of Life.

A participation in a display of Life,

Just a moment ago unknown.

The heart is the door,

To the unknown.

In love.