Welcome to the Hṛdaya Yoga International web site. It is currently undergoing a template / layout change. Please excuse the chaos.

Please note that Hṛdaya is the correct spelling of this word. When the diacritical dot under the r is not supported by my fonts (such as in the titles used on this site), I will resort to writing it as Hrdaya. You may also see the phonetic form here and there, which is Hridaya.

This website provides a basic introduction to the approach to yoga Jonathan Evatt is sharing internationally through retreats and workshops. So far these events have been held in Finland, Canada, and the U.S.A.

Numerous participants to Jonathan’s Hṛdaya Yoga retreats have requested he write a book on the subject. Primarily because the approach they discover differs somewhat from anything else they have experienced under the name yoga. Until the Hṛdaya Yoga book is published, this website will be the primary source of written information on this art and science. If you have questions please feel free to use the F.A.Q.