The sun is shining,

God’s warm hands

Touch Lightly my face

Here I AM, Love manifest,

State Of Grace.


Forget the past,

And you have perfection found,

Release the future,

and Into you hands Freedom flows,

With both these gone,

True happiness grows.


Don’t try to understand,

It begins and ends in self-illusion,

Don’t try to comprehend.

For stopping these two things,

Brings all suffering to an end.


Following every question comes confusion,

With every desire comes disillusionment.

Dare to BE Free, No questions,

Not one desire,

Just State of Grace


Dare to discover,

Dare to embrace,

Your own non-existence,

The Vacuity of all things.

To forget, absolutely, your-self,

Will instantly dissolve the vague veil of maya.


With these instructions followed,

Everything will change, yet it all remains the same.

An unconditional relationship to life,

The life of God, manifest,


State of Grace.


Composed in 1996, in the Swiss Alps, by Jonathan Evatt