Inspiration from the sacred inner space of Yoga

Yoga as Sacred Service

Contrary to common modern interpretation, yoga practice was not intended to be merely for one’s own self-validation, glorification, and “enlightenment”. It’s the basis and foundation of self-less service to Life.

The Highest Spiritual Practice

The Highest Spiritual Practice

The highest spiritual practice is adoration of and communion with the Divine Mother. How does that look and what does this involve?


A poem about Life with Heart.

Facebook and Social Networking

Facebook and Social Networking

The mystics, rishis, and yogis, and the many scriptures and teachings which have streamed forth from such beings have all emphasised the importance of being impeccable in our use of the word. How does that apply today, and specifically how does that apply in a world where much of what we convey in words is on the Internet? I know many people who spend as much time “socialising” on Facebook as they do in the flesh and blood world. I also know people who turn up their nose at networking systems like Facebook, judging it as unconscious or contrary to ones Enlightenment.

Blame, Resentment, and Projection

What are the effects of harbouring blame and resentment toward people around us? Is it kind to ourself and to them, or is it a form of attack on both?

Beyond Heart and Mind

There comes a point when and where it ceases to be relevant talking about the head, the mind, the body, and the heart. That point is beyond time and space, beyond when and where. You will know when you're there. In the interim, whilst we are still bound within the...

State of Grace (a poem)

The sun is shining, God's warm hands Touch Lightly my face Here I AM, Love manifest, State Of Grace.   Forget the past, And you have perfection found, Release the future, and Into you hands Freedom flows, With both these gone, True happiness grows.   Don't...

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